Business Forklift Operations & Maintenance

Forklift Operations & Maintenance

Course Introduction

This Forklift Operations & Maintenance (FOM) Training Course Is To Offer Professional Personnel, Newbies Trainee And Other Professionals Involved In Forklift Operations IADC, LEEA, DPR, & OSHA Standard Hands On Training And Technical Know How Involved In Various Safety Operating Procedures Using Forklift In Different Industrial Sectors As It Includes But Not Limited To Oil And Gas, Construction, Logistic & Warehouse And Maritime Etc.

This course aims to give candidates the necessary skills and knowledge to plan, prepare and operate a forklift safely and efficiently in accordance with Best International Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work. On completion of this course candidates will be able to conduct routine checks; plan work; check, controls, operate, Tilling, shift OF various load types and shut down a forklift truck.

Our Forklift operation and maintenance training comes with additional training and certificates in HSE Level 1, 2 & 3 and warehouse/inventory management thus, making our students stand out among the crowd as each participants goes home with 6 different Certificates at the end of the training

Who should Attend our forklift Class?

This Course Is for People with Little or No Operational Experience and Who Would Like to Obtain the Professional Required Level of Knowledge/Skill Needed to Safely Operate A Forklift (Class 1-6). This Course Complies With IADC, LEEA, DPR, WSO & OSHA standard for Training Forklift Operators. Included Will Be A Demonstration and Hands-On Training Portion. This Will Be Followed by A Proficiency Demonstration and An Operator Performance Evaluation. A Professional Certificate of Training Will Be Awarded Upon Successful Completion*.

As Part of Our Commitment to Forklift Safety our institute Offers Forklift Operations and Maintenance Training alongside with HSE level 1,2 & 3 and Warehouse Management training.

How Our Training Works! 

Our program is comprised of one week theoretical classroom/online session and another one week test and practical forklift driver training component and upon successful completion the student receives their certificate to operate the specific classes of lift trucks that have been covered. 

Our students can join our theory class online from the comfort of their home/office from wherever they are for the first one week, then resume practical class at our facility in the second week.


2 weeks (1 week classroom/online theory training and 1 week practical training.


N150,000 naira only


Port Harcourt

Course Objectives

At the end of this Training, Participant will be able to:

1. Understand the need to reduce risk to people, products, and property when operating a forklift.
2. Learn lift truck fundamentals, including components and their functions.
3. Understand the principles of balance, stability, and capacity when operating a forklift.
4. Know the importance of performing a pre-operational inspection, including both a visual and operational inspection.
5. Learn how to safely enter, exit, and operate lift trucks.
6. Understand safe operating practices when operating lift trucks around pedestrians.
7. Learn guidelines for parking a lift truck safely.
8. Understand safe methods for picking up, moving, and deploying loads.
9. Learn procedures for surviving incidents.
10. Understand safe procedures for fueling gasoline and diesel-powered lift trucks, including replacing liquid petroleum tanks.
11. Know the proper methods for changing, charging, and adding water to industrial batteries.
12. Understand the basic principles and classifications of forklifts.
13. Learn how to perform a pre-use inspection of forklifts.
14. Understand safe operating practices of forklifts.
15. Understand occupational health and safety regulations for forklift lifting operations.
16. Receive practical training and demonstrations on forklift operations.

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