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HSE TRAINING: HSE is an acronym for Health, Safety and Environmental Management. HSE management involves managing, controlling and handling all aspects of health, safety and the environment in the petroleum industry – with the focus on major accident risk.

HSE certification as of today is regarded as one of the most significant certification training in several industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering, banking and finance etc.

Successful candidates of this program stand a 99% chance of being selected for employment or promotion in any of the mentioned industries.

HSE TRAINING course provides you with the knowledge, skills and solid training in the theories and practices of occupational health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management. Participants will have the foundations to create, plan, implement, audit and evaluate programs in the areas of health and safety, emergency planning and environmental management systems.

The British Safety Council Health Safety & Environment (HSE) is a world recognized health and safety organization with Consultative Status, Category II (non-governmental), with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. The major objective is to Make Safety a Way of Life

This Health Safety and Environment HSE Level 1, 2 & 3 certification that’s recognized and accepted in more that 360 countries of the world including Nigeria.

There are 3 levels of HSE courses to run to be qualified as a safety practitioner, these 3 certifications are really a good start up in safety career.

HSE level 1 (Foundation) – This qualification is designed to provide candidates with understanding the skills, principles and practices of workplace safety. This level provides a starting point from which more detailed training in level 2 can follow. This level is suitable for beginners and anyone in the workplace environment.

HSE level 2 (Appreciation) – This qualification is designed to help improve the workplace culture by enabling learners to understand the basic principles and practice of health safety & environment in a workplace and risk assessment methodology. Course is suitable for anyone in a work environment as it raises learners’ awareness of the concept of HSE and risk assessment.

HSE level 3 (Supervision) – This qualification is created to provide an in-depth knowledge of responsibilities and duty of an HSE officer in a workplace and an introduction to environmental management systems. Course is suitable for everyone whose activities have to do with leadership or could have a significant impact on the environment, or those introduced to environmental issues for the first time.






Who is qualified to run this course?

Everyone is eligible to take this course. This program will also interest individuals who are already working in safety-related positions who require broader legal and technical knowledge to function effectively in their occupation, or who would like to enhance their career in safety, or those planning to move into safety-related positions. But note that every profession and career need HSE training and certification to work safe and remain alive

After Training, is there an examination to write?

Yes, on completion of the training the candidates will be required to seat for an international exam. The papers to write are HSE Level 1, HSE Level 2 and HSE Level 3

Candidates who pass this exam will be issued certificates in 7 Working Days after exam. The exams are held in Giwost in Nigeria and coordinated under the approval of the British Safety Council, UK.

Career Outcomes

Safety Officer, Health Officer, Environmental Officer, though all careers seriously need safety training to work safe and remain alive.

How To Enroll

To register, click the register button to complete your registration and proceed. Register early and reserve your seat, early registration is recommended as we are admitting a limited number.


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